Katy Jinkins awarded Activate Fellowship (2023)

The Activate Fellowship is the premier program for science entrepreneurs to turn breakthrough research into successful businesses. Founded in 2015, Activate empowers scientists to reinvent the world by launching startups to address global challenges. Working between government, philanthropy, universities, and the private sector, Activate transforms scientists into high-impact entrepreneurs through the Activate Fellowship, a two-year immersive experience that provides funding and fosters the resources, knowledge, networks, investors, and partnerships that fellows need to succeed.

SixLine wins Governor's Biz Plan Contest (2023)

Following a five month process and multiple rounds of competition, Katy and SixLine emerged victorious in the annual Wisconsin Governor's Business Plan Contest, produced by the Wisconsin Technology Council.  SixLine was awarded Grand Prize, including 1st Place in the contest's Advanced Manufacturing category.

The Race to Build a Perfect Computer Chip (2022)

Work from Katy and Mike surrounding the carbon nanotube technology at the heart of SixLine was highlighted by Bloomberg Originals. 

SixLine technology is primarily discussed between 4 -11 min marks.

SixLine Incorporates (2022)

Katy and Mike found SixLine Semiconductor around IP to deposit films of ideally aligned semiconducting carbon nanotubes. Devices fabricated using protected techniques outperform similar devices based on silicon.